Your Total Marketing Agency

We create strategies based
on your needs and after
careful evaluation of your market.



What we do is determined by what our clients need. We work with a mix of all media types, social media strategies and other resources to build a campaign that reaches the largest portion of your target audience at the most affordable cost per impression in the market. We offer our clients a wide variety of services that range from creative campaign planning, digital services, media management, and research & market analysis.


We build campaigns from the ground up using creative strategies and the perfect media mix, digital services and social media platforms for each individual client's needs. We work with your budget to help brand your business and reach your target audience. Graphic Design and Copy Writing are done in house by our staff with over 45 years of combined experience in the marketing, advertising and public relations industries.


One of the major strengths of Like Mind Marketing is the creativity we bring to the table. We can use your objectives as a business owner, and then match those goals with an effective creative campaign to ensure successful results. Whether your goals are increased sales, branding or imaging related, Like Mind Marketing's creative abilities can bring you the results that you desire.


Market research is one of the key components to effective decision making in marketing and advertising. Like Mind Marketing can thoroughly research your business category, competitors, prior advertising results and predicted market future in order to tackle consistently your business needs from a marketing and advertising standpoint.

Bring Your Business to Life

We work to exceed your expectations and help you become a dominant force in your market.

Like Mind Marketing plans cohesive marketing and advertising campaigns that will tie together both your business objectives and branding goals. Your campaign will be fluid through all advertising and marketing means that are utilized to increase your business' brand, image and top-of-mind awareness.